Airtime and data topup in nigeria

Wallet funding charges
Airtime Funding Charges
Charges applies to all airtime wallet funding, the below charges applies.

MTN – 23%
GLO – 25%
AIRTEL – 25%

E-Card Funding
Funding of wallet with e-card is totally free, E-card wallet funding is automated and instant. Payment can also be completed on all verified merchant website with zero payment charges.

Wallet Transfer
Transferring funds from your wallet to anyone’s wallet on aimtoget is free. Wallet transfer is instant.

Withdrawal Charges
To make instant withdrawal of your wallet funds charges of N89 is attracted and crediting of wallet is instant.

Agent Account Upgrade
To become an agent and have full access to all our services with a reasonable discount. One-time upgrade fee of NGN5,000 will be charged from your wallet balance and your account will manually be upgrade by our support team.

Merchant Setup
To become a verified merchant on our platform and have access to the full API that allows you receive airtime payment from users on your platform. Merchant upgrade fee of ₦10,000 is required with a valid ID and Utility bills. Payment can be made with airtime using aimtoget payment system of ATM card using Paystack