For Merchants

Accept payments for your business and services using airtime.

Airtime payments for your business and services just got better with our professionaly structured payment system. Aimtoget's payment gateway has been structured to be instantenous. Every payment made is sent directly wallet and withdrawn.

Give your customers the best experience of making payments with airtime with our modern, innovative and swift processing system.

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Why choose Aimtoget for your business?

Payments are immediately disbursed into your wallet and are available for withdrawal few minutes afterwards.
We provide a well detailed dashboard with info-graphics to track your payments and manage your customers efficiently.
Our withdrawals are processed instantly on request, you can also schedule an "auto-withdrawal" date to receive your payments.

There's actually more...

  • Add your services, business directly to our services and receive payments directly from users on our app without any additional charges.

  • You are not charged for any payment received.

  • Setup is very easy and our team of professionals are always readily available to assit.

How to get started?

  • Getting started has been simplified for you.

  • Sign up as a merchant/business owner

  • Submit your business details

  • Upload all required documents (Valid ID and Utility bill)

  • Pay one time fee of NGN 10,000

  • If you have any questions, or do not have any of the above requirements, kindly contact us at

Start accepting payments with airtime.
It's fast & easy with aimtoget