aimtoget account number

Our goal is to implement the easiest ways of transacting. We have released a new feature that lets you fund your Aimtoget account / wallet swiftly which is the dedicated account number.

Your aimtoget account number belongs to you alone and carries your full name. This means any funds transferred to the account number will automatically reflect on your Aimtoget wallet.


How to get your account number.

All verified users  on Aimtoget automatically have an account number allocated to them.

Click on “Fund wallet” to view your account number.


How to verify your aimtoget account.

The dedicated account number is also equivalent to a bank account number. In order to get this account generated, You need to get your aimtoget details correctly verified which also require you to link your “BVN” to protect you from fraud.

What does this mean for You?

  • You can now fund your Aimtoget wallet directly with internet banking, USSD and other bank transfer channels (without the need for a debit card)
  • You can accept transfers from friends and family directly into your Aimtoget
  • You can receive payments for services straight into your Aimtoget wallet.

Why use this ?

Transferring to your aimtoget account number is the fastest way of funding your wallet.

  1. No creating of transaction log
  2. No awaiting approval from operators. This means our operators do not need to confirm and approve your payment before it reflects on your aimtoget wallet.
  3. Automatic/instant notification on funding of wallet. Once your transfer is successfully sent to your Aimtoget account number. You will be notified of the transfer received on your mail / transaction history.


You can receive money from friends and family and also get paid for your services directly into your Aimtoget account.