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Must Read: A Bastard And A Slu7 (18+)… Part 4

Published by boffin 14th Nov
A Story written RedHairedandFriendly… Chad took a deep breath and rose from the table.

“Get dressed and go home Grace, be back here tomorrow.

”  She looked at his face and read the truthfulness behind his words.

Quickly she rose and pulled on her clothes.

She said nothing as she left the hotel room and ran to the elevator.

Once safely tucked behind its steel doors and walls, she felt safe and secure.

The feeling was short lived, when the clerk at the desk called her by name.

She spun on her heel and stared at the woman.

“The gentleman in room 524, wanted you to have a key,” the attendant was saying, while pushing a key card across the counter.

  Grace’s hand shook as she picked it up.

She stared at it for a moment, then tucked it into her purse before hurrying out and making her way toward her car.

Behind the wheel she forced herself to remain calm and back at home she again showered, hoping to remove the filth that seemed to cover her.

  That night she lay next to her husband, feigning a stomach ache, but telling him that she loved him and that she would be okay.

He said nothing more, but held her close, hoping to comfort her and make her feel better.

Sleep had a very hard time winning over guilt.

  In the morning after kissing her husband goodbye and placing her kids on the school bus, Grace got into her car and headed back to room 524.

She didn’t bother knocking, after all, she had a key.

The lock gave easily and she walked inside.

Instantly her eyes closed on the scene before her.

  A soft feminine giggle floated across the room followed by a voice, “She doesn’t look pleased.

”  Grace opened her eyes and stared at the woman.

She looked to be in her mid-twenties and had piercings on both her Tips, as well as her belly button and Kittycat.

The woman was lewdly displaying herself on the center of the bed.

Her fingers slowly trailing up and down her slick opening, teasing the dark hole and rolling her clit with her thumb and middle finger.

  “She’ll be fine.

Won’t you Grace?” Chad asked, as he stepped up to her and took her by the wrist.

  Grace’s lips curled in disgust as she was led into the room.

“I’m not doing this,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

  Chad dropped her hand and sighed.

“Sorry Carrie.

Your money’s on the counter, do me a favor and drop these three envelopes off at the front desk, ask them to get them in this mornings mail.

”  “Okie dokie,” Carrie said, before bouncing off the bed and moving to grab her clothes.

  Grace’s jaw dropped as the young girl began to get dressed.

Her gaze shifted to the envelopes that Chad had pointed out.

She knew who they would be sent to and she knew the contents.

“Wait!” she shouted, causing Carrie to stop pulling on her panties.

The young girl and Chad both looked at Grace and waited.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

  Chad smirked and the girl giggled.

“It doesn’t really matter does it?”  Grace wanted to spit in the man’s face and slap the woman, but she did neither.

Instead she began to undress.

  Carrie slid her panties back off and crawled back onto the bed.

She opened her legs and spread her Kittycat lips apart.

“Dig in babydoll,” she said to Grace.

  Grace gave Chad a look that spoke volumes before she climbed onto the bed and stared at the Unclad woman.

The young girl had worked her Kittycat until the lips were swollen and covered in juice.

Her clit was red and hard, and Grace knew that the tiny bud would most likely pulse against her tongue.

  The fragrance of another woman’s arousal drifted up to Grace.

Her nose curled in disgust as she placed her hands where Carrie’s were.

The girl moved her fingers away and chose to tease and twist the rings that decorated her Tips.

Grace glanced over and saw Chad’s gaze drinking in the scene before him.

“You’re a sick F**K,” Grace hissed before turning her attention back to Carrie.

Grace had never tasted another woman.

She closed her eyes and hoped that the young girl was clean.

She swiped her tongue across Carrie’s right lip and winced at the tangy flavor of the woman’s juices.

  “Mmm,” Carrie whispered, and settled her Buttocks further into the blankets.

“Don’t be shy babydoll.

I like it a little rough.

”  Grace shuttered and Chad chuckled.

“She’ll get the hang of it, sweets.

Give her time,” Chad said, before reaching out and stroking Grace’s hair.

“Open your mouth and suck on that Kittycat, B***h.

”  Grace gave Chad a look that spoke of the hate she felt toward him.

He said nothing, while he applied pressure to the back of her head and lifted one brow.

  She did as she was told, opening her mouth and consuming the thick folds of Carrie’s s*x between her lips.

She rolled her tongue back and forth along the flesh, while using her fingers to slide in and out of the woman’s tight hole.

  Carrie bucked and rode Grace’s face.

She whimpered and begged, then ordered the woman to stop, she could compose herself.

“I don’t want to come yet,” she admitted, then gave Grace permission to begin again.

  While Grace brought Carrie closer to an orgasm she did not find herself aroused at all.

She fought control over the rolling and pitching in her stomach and tried not to get sick.

For years Grace had wondered if she would like being with a woman, and had many times fantasized about it, but not once had she ever phoned with one, or met up with one.

Nor had she ever chosen to cyber with anyone but men.

Now her fantasy was a reality and she was not liking it.
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